Associated Item Setup

Once installed the Clever Associated Items app needs a small amount of setup in order to work.

You need to begin by navigating to the Associated Items Setup, you can do this by using the search on your role centre.

Opening this page will later prompt users with notifications. When an item which has associated items has been put on the Sales Line.

NB: If you do not open the page, then the notifcation will not appear when items are put onto the Sales Order – this does not mean that the app does not work, it simply means users wont know if there are associated items that can be added to the order.

Once the page has been opened you can start to select and fill in some of the field below.

By enabling the field Automatic Suggestions, it will always update the suggestions regardless of when they were last checked

The Suggestions Refresh Period can be set to update the suggestions if the Suggestions Last Updated (mentioned later on in the user guide) on the item card is less than the refresh period calculation

NB: If Automatic Suggestion is enabled this field will become un-editable as there is no requirement to set a period, as it will be running all the time in the background.

The final field Item Match Threshold % , determines how many % of the time the items appear together on a sales document to then be suggested.

The Clever Associated Items app is only useful if you have set some associations up. This will probably be pretty time consuming, to make it easier we have created a Processing report 9030229 Assoc. Item Suggestions. This should be put on a Job Queue to update all item suggestions based on the setup in this page.