Creating Associated Items

Once the initial setup has been done, you need to setup the item associations, which is all done against the Item.

To get to the Item Card simply navigate using the Search on your role centre to the Items List.

Depending on your Role centre you may be able to get to the Items list without needing to use the search. The below screen shot has the role centre of Sales Order Processor.

Once on the item list click on the item, which you will be created your Associated Items against. On the Item Card a new action has been added to the ribbon called Associated Items.

Clicking on the action Associated Items will open up the setup page for the app to work.

On the Associated Items page, you then simply enter the item number for each item to be associated, the system will pull through the description.

You can add the item to the list one of two ways. If you know the item code, in the Associated Item No. field type in the item code. If you don’t know the item code click on the drop-down arrow next to the field. You will be presented with a list of your item codes , you can choose from the list which will in turn populate the required field.

A default / suggested quantity must then be set for each associated item. Once items are added with suggested quantities and a unit of measure code, the associated items are ready for use.